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At JackpotGames we help you to find the best jackpot games online and the jackpots that are most likely to hit and land a winner a life-changing amount of money. We give you information based on jackpot history and average hit frequency to provide you a logical and statistical insight into what games you should play to have the best chances of winning the jackpot. JackpotGames are also here to help you find serious and reputable online casinos with lots of jackpot games, solid customer service and an easy-to-use website or mobile app.

JackpotGames is for you who is looking to change your life by winning that big win. Despite our efforts in providing recommendations on what game you should play to have the best chance of winning the jackpot, remember that casino games are based on luck. However, we hope you can play smarter by looking at stats and the history of the different jackpot games.

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The House Always Wins: What Does That Really Mean?

<p>Does it mean that gamblers are destined to lose? Does it mean that gamblers are being duped by casinos (including online casinos) and perhaps lottery administrators&hellip;? Should we all be worried about this &ldquo;house always winning business&rdquo;? Why on God&rsquo;s green earth should we continue gambling if we&rsquo;re going to lose to the house anyway&hellip;?</p>

Top 10 Most Insane Purchases by Jackpot Winners

<p></p> <p>The gambling man is driven by one purpose&hellip; the day he&rsquo;ll be all over your TV rubbing that jackpot dummy check on your face. We all want the big one. We dream about it, try a few &ldquo;futile&rdquo; schemes to wiggle our way around the &ldquo;system&rdquo; for it, we even go into some unfathomable superstitious shit for it, we all want it&hellip; every gambler lives for the Jackpot!</p>

Problem Gambling and How to Avoid It: Do You Believe That Crap?

<p>So what is problem gambling (or compulsive gambling) and why is it such a terrible thing? Is it even a recognized medical condition? Would you call the irresistible urge (or propensity) to try a few daily spins at your favorite online video slots a disease or disorder? Wait&hellip; is the specialization in gambling treatment even a real profession? How and when should an individual be considered to be a pathological gambler? Are there pills for gambling addiction? And WTF is healthy gambling? Can somebody pat my red face with a cold wet towel please&hellip;?</p>

Battle of the Sexes in Online Slots: Are Women Taking Over Online Slots From Men?

<p>Statistically speaking, men gamble more than women in general... but the question on the table today is... who sits at the throne when it comes to online casino video slots? It&rsquo;s another battle of sexes people... sit back and get ready to cast your votes at the comment section.</p>

6 Things You Must Do If You Win the Big Jackpot

You have been hitting online casinos like crazy... all day everyday. You win some you lose some... well, maybe you lose a lot! Then one day... BAM shit is ringing all over the place and you have the dumbest face ever. You find yourself blinking faster than the splashing "You Are a Winner" banner/text on the screen. “Did I just... What is... is this real?”.

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